Die Lorelei

Die Lorelei is a well-known and often performed German folksong. The words were written by the exceptional German poet Heinrich Heine (1799-1856) and first published 1827 in Buch der Lieder (Book of Songs), his 'most famous collection of lyrics' which were 'chiefly inspired by his unrequited love for his Uncle's daughter, Amalie.' Heine's poetry has 'natural rhythm and melodic charm,' and Die Lorelei 'achieved the simplicity and depth of folk poetry.' The music was composed by Friedrich Silcher (1789-1860), a composer, poet, music teacher, publisher, and choral director noted for his encouragement of German folksong singing. [source]


Emil Krupa-Krupinski: Loreley, 1899

The Lorelei

(drawing by Arthur Rackham)


After a legend, a mermaid called Loreley, was sitting on the Rock. She attracted many seamen with her beautiful singing. The seamen were whatching Loreley, while she was combing her golden hair.

Nobody paid attention to the dangerous rock in the water. So many boats were distroyed and the swirl (which was actually up to 27 meters deep), grabbed them. [source]

LOUIS WEIRTER, R.B.A. [with a text about the river Rhine legends]

The Loreley around 1900

I'm looking in vain for the reason,
That I am so sad and distressed;
A tale known for many a season,
Does not allow me to rest.

Cool is the air in the twilight
And quietly flows the Rhine;
The mountain glows with a highlight,
From the evening sun's last shine.

The fairest of maiden's reposing,
So wonderfully up there.
Her golden jewelry disclosing,
She's combing her golden hair.

She combs it with a comb of gold
And meanwhile is singing a song;
A melody strangely bold
And unbelievably strong.

The bargeman in his small craft
Is seized with longings and sighs.
He sees not the rocks fore and aft,
He looks only at her and the skies.

It looks like the waves are flinging,
Both man and boat to their end;
That was what with her singing,
The Lorelei did intend.

Heinrich Heine

More about the name of Loreley, and references.

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